Sprinter 2500 144/170″ | 3500 Super Single | RAM 3500 | 2 OIL CHANGE SYSTEM OPTIONS

Bush Specialty Vehicles is proud to introduce the revolutionary [Mobile Oil Change System]!  This patent-pending system integrates a vacuum regulator, custom-designed clean oil drain plug, heat insulated drain tool and a pump/containment system that ensures a clean, spill-free oil change from start to finish. 

In addition, the modular design delivers an optimized footprint within your vehicle to ensure you have the space you need for tools, additional equipment and/or additional services you would like to deliver from your mobile service vehicle.


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Primary Equipment:  Mobile Oil System

Option 1: BUSH SO-240

  • Two (2) 20 gallon new oil tanks with oil level indicator

Option 2:  BUSH SO-440

  • Four (4) 10 gallon new oil tanks with oil level indicator

Each Great Oil Change System comes with:

  • One (1) 40 gallon waste oil tank
  • Two (2) 50’ hose reel for new engine oil
  • One (1) 50’ hose reel for oil evacuation
  • One (1) 50’ air hose reel
  • Two (2) high flow pumps for fresh oil delivery
  • Two (2) dispenser handles with receptacles
  • Two (2) pull out spill trays
  • One (1) evacuation pump
(battery not included)
  • One (1) Clean Oil Drain Tool
  • One (1) Crankcase Vacuum Regulator
  • Two (2) Jack Rod Stands
  • Two (2) Universal Floor Jack Storage Pockets
  • One (1) Milwaukee Vacuum – battery not included
  • Two (2) 20 gallon new oil tanks with oil level indicator

Note: Mobile Oil Service System does not include drain plugs

Primary Equipment: Air Compressor

  • 6KW Vanair® inverter w/battery system & 7” control monitor
  • 20 CFM air compressor system with 20 gallon air tank

Electric Upfit

  • Shoreline 115v single phase (charge batteries)
  • 115v outlets in cargo area – charging station (bulkhead)
  • 115v outlet at rear cargo (driver side)
  • 115v GFI exterior outlet

Tool / Work Area / Safety Upfit

  • 48” (approx..) work bench with vise and drawer under bench for tool storage to hold the VCM Tool Kit
  • 72” L Shelving – 4 Rows with dividers
  • 5lb fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Triangle safety kit
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Cargo Area Upfit – Interior / Exterior

  • Bulkhead to separate cab compartment and cargo area
  • Bass Panel
  • Legend insulated wall liner kit (white)
  • Running board at side door entrance
  • Step @ rear door
  • Document box (folder holder)


  • Milwaukee battery charger and Two (2) 18v 5A Batteries – will need for Milwaukee vacuum and evacuation pump for mobile oil
  • Legend composite flooring
  • Fantastic 3 speed roof vent
  • Two (2) 2 Ton Lightweight Aluminum Floor jacks


The SO-240 Van is a self-contained caddy system with a 10-gallon waste containment capacity. It can be installed into the Ford Transit Connect or the larger Transit van / Sprinter van.

The larger capacity SO-440 Van is designed as a fixed build in a RAM 3500, Ford Transit van or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Its 40- gallon waste containment capacity allows you to service higher volumes, including fleets.

Clean Oil Drain Plug

  • Very low exterior profile when installed
  • Radial groove interior design with cross-hole to maximize oil extraction
  • High-strength stainless steel design allows full torque to manufacturer’s specification
  • Internal “puncher” combined with the 60/61 anodized safety cap provides double-sealing and maximum corrosion protection

Clean Oil Drain Tool

  • Tool connects to the drain plug and engages plunger inside the drain plug
  • Tool fully rotates to make it easy to use / angle as needed
  • Tool has heat insulated know so technician can work with hot oil conditions
  • Designed to prevent oil spills

Vacuum Regulator

  • Enables service technician to install the drain plug without draining the oil
  • Regulator limits the amount of suction to avoid damage risk to crank case seals
  • Designs are specific to vehicles (e.g. BMW, Ford) plus universal option

Oil Change Pumps

Mobile Oil Change Pump 1

  • Configured with oil containment caddy as part of mobile oil pump 1
  • Powered by Milwaukee 18V rechargeable battery


Mobile Oil Change Vans 2

  • Remote pump is included as part of the larger Mobile Oil Change Vans 2
  • Powered by Milwaukee 18V rechargeable battery
  • Connected to a 50’ hose reel

See How it Works !!

Check out this 4 minute video showing exactly how the mobile oil change system gets the job done.