The Rapid Deployment Vehicle is a non-armored unit designed specifically for stealth deployment situations. Its commercial truck appearance enables the element of surprise while its configuration allows for up to 18 fully armed SWAT team members to deploy in an instant through side and rear exit points.

An Economic Alternative !
The Rapid Deployment Vehicle was developed as an economic alternative to armored SWAT and Command Center units. Current budget conditions are dictating alternative solutions that do not compromise public safety or the abilities of law enforcement. Get a SWAT unit from within your budget, through forfeiture dollars, via municipal financing or from other more achievable means within this tight economy.

  • 18 or more fully armed SWAT team members
  • Audio & visual surveillance options available
  • Discrete exterior appearance
  • Rapid side & rear door deployment
  • Interior climate control
  • Storage
  • Commander seats & table
  • Non-skid floor
  • Interior & exterior grab handles
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Large rear deployment bumper
  • Emergency lighting
  • Gas or diesel truck options
  • 14′ interior length
  • Inverter options

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